Sand Castle Snowman Is A True Work of Art!

sandcastlesnowmanToday we came across an incredible work of art, in the form of a sand castle snowman. While visiting the Hotel del Coronado, we saw a crowd gathering on the beach. Curious as to what there was to see, we walked across the sand, and saw the masterpiece. The details on this sand castle were incredible, and it was obvious the artist, otherwise known as The Sand Castle Man has a true passion for his work. Not only did he make and display his incredible art for all to enjoy, but he also played holiday music to go along with it, to make viewing the Sand Castle Snowman a true holiday experience.

If you want to see the Sand Castle Snowman for yourself, head over to beach with the beautiful white sand, directly across from the Hotel del Coronado. Who knows how long the masterpiece will hold up, but it’s already been there a week, so there’s a good chance The Sand Castle Man will take care to keep it together past Christmas. Perhaps we’ll see you there!