Knuckleheads Gym

The kids & I were invited to Social Media Day, with sdIRL at Knuckleheads Gym, but missed it due to mommy being under the weather. Fortunately, the AWESOME staff invited us to come another day, once I stopped barking like a dog – I mean stopped coughing, and felt better.

What a great place! As soon as our kindergarten age daughter walked in, she wanted to start playing with the machines! She was all over the stationary bike, and loving the interactive monitor that made her feel like she was riding on a course.

Although the gym is designed for kids age 5 and up, our tag-along preschool age son was right there, into the mix, next to big sis on a tricycle-like interactive machine with a monitor of an ATV riding over dunes. He LOVED it, and it only took him a few minutes to figure out how to pedal and steer. Kinder daughter tried it out as well, and also loved it! I wish we had that machine in our house!

Knuckleheads has many other interactive machines such as a Lightspace Treadwall that actually moves as you climb, with the velocity based on your weight, a Dance Dance machine, Wii, 3-Kick, Jr. Fun Zone, and other machines. Some of the machines are those that the kids can do with a partner, and some are made for individual use.

While the kids were playing I took note of some of the things that I thought made the facility great. First, it was well ventilated – not stuffy or hot. I liked that they played music, and had an outdoor area with a basketball hoop, and tables for relaxing. It was CLEAN! Believe me, after going to dozens of indoor facilities for kids over the last 5 years, I’ve seen many that did not meet my standard, but Knuckleheads was absolutely clean, including the bathroom facilities. One other thing they had that I liked were the crafts. No, people don’t go to a gym to do crafts, but if your child were to go to a facility for a full day, it’s a nice option for some downtime after playing hard.

When we arrived they were just ending a day-camp, and some parents waited a while after camp to pick up their kids. None of the kids that had a late pick-up were making a fuss about being there longer than the length of camp, and all appeared to have had a great day. This was a great sign! I’ve worked with kids in a camp setting that were the same age as the group of kids that were there, and have never seen so many content kids after 5 hours of day camp.

Knuckleheads is a drop-off facility meant for kids age 5-14. They have daily and monthly memberships, and offer sibling discounts. They hold birthday parties at the gym, as well as group events. Each of the employees I interacted with were friendly, professional, and took an interest in the kids. If you have kids in the age range meant for the facility, I highly recommend you check them out. Perhaps we’ll see you there!