Take Me Out To The Padres!

petcoparkIf you’ve never taken your child to PETCO Park for a baseball game, they’re in for a treat! Our kids LOVE it! You may not see a lot of the game if your kids are super young, but the experience of being at the ballpark (the sights, the smells, the crack of the bat) make it an awesome experience for ALL. There’s plenty to do, even if your kids don’t have the attention span to watch much of the game. PETCO Park even has a playground at “Park at the Park”.

Since our kids are still young, we usually buy the $5 Park Pass tickets. We like to bring blankets to sit on, pack a picnic, and enjoy the game from the grassy hill at Park at the Park. I believe you start paying for your children once they are 36″ in height, not by age. You might want to verify this with the ticketing office.

If you find that you enjoy going to the games, think about signing your kids up for the Junior Padres. It’s a free program for kids, and they get lots of great giveaways for attending games and swiping their Junior Padres card. Again, our kids LOVE it! They get so excited about swiping their cards, and receiving gifts just for being there.

We often park at Horton Plaza and walk to the ballpark. Another fun way to get to the ballpark would be to take the San Diego trolley. We’ll likely do that at least once this year.

I suggest wearing comfortable walking shoes, bringing hats, sunscreen, and something to sit on if you plan to sit on the lawn. If you bring your own beverages, make sure they’re sealed, not in glass containers, and on the small side, as they have size restrictions on beverages. Perhaps we’ll see you there!