We love visiting pick-your-own apple orchards, but I had never heard about a pick-your-own ORANGE grove until recently. This particular grove that I found out about is in the Pomona Valley, and is run by The La Verne Heritage Foundation.

Each Saturday, from the beginning of January, through mid-March, you can visit the orange grove next to Heritage Park between 9am-3pm, and pick your own oranges for $5 a bag. Yes, only FIVE DOLLARS A BAG! You’re supplied with a fruit-picking pole, mesh bag, and free to roam the 1 1/2 acre ranch and pick away.

I don’t know about you, but being someone who grew up with a fruit grove on our property, but now having to go to a farmer’s market to find anything remotely similar in taste, this pick-your-own orange scenario sounds really great, It also sounds like a really fun family activity that our kids would love. For more information, call the La Verne Heritage Foundation at 909-593-2862, or visit their website HERE. Perhaps we’ll see you there!