Connecting With Nature At Lake Miramar

lakemiramarLake Miramar, located in the Scripps Ranch neighborhood of San Diego is a great place to connect with Nature! It’s fun to bring food to feed the ducks. Our kids love coming here for outings.

When you come to the lake you’ll likely see ducks, geese, squirrels, and many different types of birds. I’ve never done so, but many people fish here as well. The lake itself was built about 50 years ago, and is owned by the City of San Diego. It has bathrooms, barbecues, and picnic tables, hiking trails, and more.

If you were to make a circle around the lake, it’s five miles round trip. It’s a popular place for hikers, cyclists, inline skaters, walkers, and runners. I used to skate here daily when in college. We usually bring scooters and our kids scoot along the path. There are some little hills here, so we like to follow the paved path and head toward the farthest West area of the lake, and turn around when the kids get tired. This is not the most scenic part of the lake, but is relatively flat and easy for scooting. I always bring our jogging stroller along, and have them jump in if they get tired of scooting.

A few precautions I can tell you when visiting the lake are as follows:
• Stay on the paths, and always keep your eyes open for snakes. I have never seen a snake here, but have heard of others having an occasional encounter with a rattle snake. This is their natural habitat.
• The geese can be loud, and intimidating. I always use caution when near them, and do our best to bypass them to get to the ducks, which are usually hanging out by the boat dock and pier.
• If you ever go on a boat, be sure you use floatation.

Lake Miramar is a beautiful, fun place to visit. If you’d like more info about Lake Miramar, please click HERE. Perhaps we’ll see you there!

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