Tips For Attending ArtWalk San Diego With Kids!

KidsWalk and Other Fun At ArtWalk San Diego With Kids!

KidsWalk at ArtWalk

Photo by Paul Nestor, courtesy of ArtWalk San Diego.

Attending ArtWalk San Diego with kids can be really fun, but it helps to have some tips prior to doing so. We love this FREE yearly event, and have been going with our kids for many years. It’s a great opportunity to visit Little Italy, and introduce the littles to some culture.
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5 Reasons We Love Butterfly Jungle At The Safari Park!

We Love Butterfly Jungle at the Safari Park!

As members of the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park for years and years, we’ve visited Butterfly Jungle more times than we can count. The past few years we’ve been invited to explore the exhibit prior to opening day, and share our experiences with our readers and followers. This year we’ll first be visiting the exhibit on April 4, 2014.
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SeaWorld San Diego’s 50th Celebration Holds A Sea of Surprises For Guests!

SeaWorld’s 50th Celebration Holds A Sea of Surprises For Guests!

It was 50 years ago this month that SeaWorld San Diego first opened its doors on Mission Bay. To honor this momentous occasion, SeaWorld is having a 50th Celebration, known as Sea of Surprises™, which starts March 21st 2013, and extends for an entire 18 months!
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In Touch With Aquatic Life At SeaWorld San Diego’s Explorer’s Reef!

SeaWorld San Diego’s Explorer’s Reef

Explorer's Reef at SeaWorld
Explorer’s Reef, SeaWorld San Diego’s new “hands-in” exhibit is now open! I took a visit to SeaWorld the morning that they first opened it to the public to check it out. As a long time passholder, I’d been anticipating the day that they would debut the over year-long renovation.

SeaWorld San Diego Sign

Just as I imagined, Explorer’s Reef is gorgeous, and very true to the illustrations that portrayed the exhibit. The entire front of the Park, including ticketing and entry have all been completely redone. The changes are part of SeaWorld’s 50th Celebration, marking their half century anniversary in San Diego.

Coral Market At SeaWorld San Diego

I absolutely love the coral-like features incorporated with the architecture. It’s both colorful and lively. It makes you feel like you’re on an underwater adventure, and is the perfect enhancement to the Park. Even parts of the walkway have a shimmering surface like glistening water.


Beautiful plants and flowers have been placed just right. The new additions included with Explorer’s Reef compliment the gorgeous garden-like feel of the Park. Super pretty ornamental fish trail up vines, and many succulents and drought resistant botanicals have been planted. I love that they’ve used tiny shells as ground cover in some places. SeaWorld has always had awesome gardeners!

Explorer's Reef

Explorer’s Reef provides ample shade for both the aquatic life, and those observing it. The touch-pools include a deeper area for the animals to have a quiet time if they choose. We actually watched a horseshoe conch make it’s way over to the deeper side of the pool after being in the shallow water for hours. It was cool observing it.

Explorer's Reef

Inside the four touch-pools of Explorer’s Reef you’ll find juvenile brown-banded bamboo sharks, white-spotted bamboo sharks, horseshoe crabs, round rays, cleaner fish, and horseshoe conch. Each of the aquatic life are native salt water species, except the cleaner fish, which are found in fresh water.

Cleaner Fish at Explorer's Reef

It’s nice that there kids, even toddlers like our own son, can reach into parts of the touch-pools of Explorer’s Reef. It’s fun to have the cleaner fish come up and tickle your fingers as they clean, clean, clean!

Explorer's Reef Touchpool

It’s super cool to touch the bamboo sharks and horseshoe crabs, too. I have yet to touch one of the round rays, but plan to on our next trip to the Park. I observed them for a while and was surprised how fast they swim across the pool.

Horseshoe Crab

If you’re a SeaWorld San Diego Premium Member, like myself, you get exclusive early entry to Explorer’s Reef from March 22nd – April 6, 2014. You can enter at 8:45am each day in that time period, with the exception of 3/29 & 4/5, which allow entrance at 7:45am. Details can be found in your FunTracker mailer. Lost your mailer? Click HERE, and navigate to the View All Benefitss link toward the middle of the page. If all else fails, call SeaWorld for details.

Explorer's Reef Sharks

The official unvieling of Explorer’s Reef is on Friday, March 21st, 2014, to coincide with SeaWorld’s 50th Celebration, but you can visit the exhibit now. More information can be found on the SeaWorld San Diego Website. As long-time passholders, we’ll be spending lots of time there this year enjoying the new exhibit. Perhaps we’ll see you there!

Painless Jellyfish Discovery At SEA LIFE Aquarium!

Get Close To Jellyfish Without The Sting!

Jellyfish Discovery
Jellyfish Discovery, located at SEA LIFE Aquarium, is now open! The kids and I were invited to a preview party of the exhibit, and we returned to The LEGOLAND California Resort with our season passes in hand two days later, on opening day.
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On Set At The LEGO Movie Experience At LEGOLAND California!

On Set At The LEGO Movie Experience At LEGOLAND!

If you’re like most every American, you’ve likely already seen The LEGO Movie. It’s been a hit with viewers both young and old. The LEGO Movie Experience At LEGOLAND California opened shortly after the release of the film, and has become a popular new attraction at the theme park, located in the Carlsbad area of San Diego. As annual passholders, we’ve already gone to see it several times!
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Celebrate Spring With An Easter Bunny Tea At The Westgate Hotel!

Easter Bunny Tea At The Westgate!

Spring is just around the corner, and an Easter Bunny Tea at The Westgate Hotel is a great way to celebrate the season! Easter Bunny Tea at The Westgate is a family-friendly event.
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Free Family Fun At The Project Wildlife Baby Shower!

Project Wildlife Baby Shower

5th Annual Project Wildlife Baby Shower!

We found an injured baby Mockingbird on our property a while back, so I called Project Wildlife to find out what we should we do with it. They said to bring it to them, and they would give it the care it so needed. We delivered the baby bird to their facility, and were very happy they were able to help. I joined their mailing list, and recently received notice of the Project Wildlife Baby Shower.

The 5th Annual Project Wildlife Baby Shower is happening from 10am-2pm on Saturday, April 5th, 2014, at the center’s triage facility. It sounds like a fun, family-friendly event. Project Wildlife will offer visitors to view their Triage Center (where they care for sick, injured, and orphaned animals), learning opportunities with Animal Ambassadors, and a festival-like atmosphere with a Kids Zone, vendors, food, and games.

The Project Wildlife Baby Shower is absolutely FREE to attend. We plan to join the fun, and contribute a tax-deductible baby shower supply donation to them when we arrive. We think they’re a great non-profit organization, and know they’re in need of help to assist the thousands of baby wildlife that they rescue each Spring and Summer throughout San Diego County. If you too are interested in bringing them a Wildlife Baby Shower gift, or general donation, you can find ideas on their Wildlife Baby Shower Wish List.

For more information about the Project Wildlife Baby Shower, or general information about Project Wildlife, please visit their Website. The event sounds like great fun, especially for animal lovers like us! Perhaps we’ll see you there!

Event Details

WHAT: Project Wildlife Baby Shower
WHERE: 887 1/2 Sherman Street, San Diego, CA 92110
WHEN: Saturday, April 5th, 2014
COST: Absolutely FREE!

Tea Time At The Westgate Hotel

Tea Time At The Westgate

Tea Time At The Westgate
My grandmother was British, and passed along many English traditions to my mom. My mom in turn shared many of those traditions with me, including enjoying an occasional Afternoon Tea. She and I enjoyed many nice Mother-Daughter Teas together, but I had yet to attend another Tea after her passing two years ago. I was super excited to carry on the tradition when my daughter and I received an invitation to Tea Time at The Westgate Hotel!

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Holiday Snow Days and Winter Nights at LEGOLAND® California!

Holiday Snow Days at LEGOLAND®!


Holiday Snow Days and Winter Nights is a yearly event at LEGOLAND® California. We’ve had a great time visiting the Resort this season as both pass holders, and by invitation from LEGOLAND®. Holiday Snow Days activities include snow play and snow tubing in a fun and festive environment. All of the activities that are part of the event are included with Park admission.

LEGOLAND Holiday Snow Days

Snow tubing is done in an orderly environment, with attendants at the top and bottom of the hill to help participants. Snow tubes are provided, and adults are free to glide down the hill as well! It’s a pretty fast slide, but I have yet to see anyone scared or not want to go again!

Snow Tubing During Holiday Snow Days

The snow area has fun giant LEGO® shaped bricks for building, a small sledding area for the littles, playful accessories to put on a snowman you get to create, and opportunities to throw snowballs!


Just as you would expect with LEGOLAND®, the Resort is decked out with fun holiday LEGO® displays. The main Holiday Snow Days and Winter Nights festivities take part in Fun Town, next to the LEGO® Clubhouse. There are lots of festive photo opportunities, some of which are with characters such as LEGO® Santa!


Aside from the snow activities, you’ll want to check out the performers, including a juggler, stilt walker, and unicyclist. Also, be sure to take a pic in the LEGO® sleigh! Grandpa is pictured here with the kids. (He loved joining us one afternoon!)

Holiday Snow Days

Our kids LOVE all the season decor. There are two LEGO® reindeer near the sleigh that are worth stopping by to snap a picture. How many opportunities do you have to see one of these?!?

LEGO Reindeer

Holiday Eats!

Holiday Treats at LEGOLAND®

Some of the seasonal food during Holiday Snow Days and Winter Nights is bratwurst with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut, churros with chocolate or strawberry dipping sauce, and warm soft pretzels. We sampled each, and they were delicious! We also spied rice treats (pictured below, in the photo with the LEGO® ornament), which we plan to taste on our next visit.

LEGO Ornament

We found this LEGO® shaped chocolate at The Market, located near the entrance and exit of the Park. It would be super cool if Santa dropped some of these in our stockings. (Hint, hint, Saint Nick!)

LEGO Shaped Chocolate

Winter Nights at LEGOLAND

Winter Nights LEGOLAND

Winter Nights include the same fun daytime activities, plus longer Park hours, strolling carolers, Holiday Lights Show, nightly fireworks 12/26-12/31. Our kids love seeing the “snow” (bubbles) fall at night! I’ll never forget the look on our baby’s face when he first saw the “snow” dropping down on him, and watching him try to catch it!


Some of the employees are really in the holiday spirit, wearing fun and festive things like this hat! We found this gentleman working inside The Big Shop. He actually made it himself!

Holiday Spirit at LEGOLAND

Among the many days we’ve gone to LEGOLAND this season, we attended the day of the official lighting of the LEGO® Christmas tree. I HIGHLY suggest you stay late enough to see the nightly tree lighting. The tree is beautiful after dark!

Winter Nights at LEGOLAND

Festivity At The LEGOLAND® Hotel


The LEGOLAND® Hotel is all decked out for the holidays as well. Some of the incredible decorations include a giant LEGO®-style tree in the lobby, LEGO® wreaths, and little details throughout the hotel such as LEGO® poinsettias.

Hotel Holiday Decor at LEGOLAND

Click HERE for further details about Holiday Snow Days and Winter Nights at LEGOLAND®. They’re having some pretty great specials right now, including discount tickets, and a FREE return ticket with any paid admission through December 31, 2013. Perhaps we’ll see you there!

P.S. Want to see even more of our pics from #HolidaySnowDays at the LEGOLAND® Resort? Be sure to follow us on Instagram!

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Disclosure: We attended a special invite-only event at LEGOLAND® to experience some of the seasonal treats and activities at the Resort. We are pass holders, and attended Holiday Snow Days and Winter Nights prior to, and after the event as well. This site contains affiliate links.