Suzie’s Family Friendly Organic Farm Offers Tours, Camps, U-Pick, and More!

Organic Farm Offers Educational Tours, Camps, U-Pick, and More!

Suzie's Organic Farm ~

140 Acre Family Friendly Organic Farm!

Suzie’s organic farm offers educational tours, camps, classes, U-Pick organic farm produce, and more! The kids and I visited the farm, which is located in the South Bay area of San Diego, on a media tour. The tour took us through the fields, and across much of their 140 acre organic farm. We loved every minute of it!
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Helen Woodward Animal Center Offers Single Day Camp!

Helen Woodward Animal Center Offers Single Day Camp!

Hands On Interaction At Helen Woodward Animal Center
It’s often challenging to find single day Summer Camp options for kids. The Helen Woodward Animal Center offers single day camp for 9 days (during two different weeks) of their popular Critter Camp for Summer 2104. Critter Camp is for preschool children (age 4 and up), plus kids in Kindergarten through 8th grade, and is held on-site, at their location in the Rancho Santa Fe area of San Diego. Single day camp is a perfect way to have children try out camp to see if it’s the right fit, fill in gaps between daycare, or give a young child a fun first time experience without mom or dad.
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Knott’s Gold Season Pass Includes Entry To Soak City OC!

Knott’s Gold Pass Includes Soak City OC!

Float, Slide, and Play at Soak City OC!
Knott’s Soak City is opening for Summer 2014 in just a few short weeks! We loved visiting last year, and have accepted an invitation to visit again. We’ll also be going to Knott’s Berry Farm, and checking out the newly renovated Knott’s Hotel as well. This will be our first time ever staying at the Knott’s Hotel, and we’re excited to experience how easy it is to bounce back and forth between the Parks and the hotel for a fun staycation.

Family Fun At Knott's

~ Knott’s Gold Season Pass Savings ~

If you’re thinking about visiting Knott’s this summer, you might be interested in the savings offered with the Knott’s Gold Season Pass. This Season Pass includes entry to Knott’s, as well as Soak City OC at no extra cost for 2014. It also includes discounts to the Knott’s Hotel, as well as discounts on food and merchandise at select locations, early ride times, and more! The Knott’s Gold Season Pass is available to both Southern California residents as well as out of town guests for the same price, and the pricing is not very much more than the standard Knott’s Season Pass.

Knott's Soak City OC

~ Knott’s Hotel Vacation Easy Paying Program ~

To make Summer vacation planning even easier, Knott’s is also offering a Knott’s Hotel Vacation Easy Paying Program. The Easy Pay program allows you to book now, and pay later. The cost is spread over four payments, and you can lock in current rates at the time you book.

Knott's Berry Bloom Train ~ width=

~ Soak City Opens May 17th ~

Knott’s Soak City opens for the 2014 season on May 17th, 2014. We’ll be sharing pics and updates via social media (Twitter, Instagram, etc…) live from the Park that day. Check out #SoakCityOC for posts, and share your own with the hashtag when you visit! Perhaps we’ll see you there!

Knott's Soak City OC


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Disney • Pixar Monsters University Movie Review Plus Monstrous Summer Info!

Monsters University

Monsters University

Summertime just isn’t summertime around our house without going to the movies. Our kids have been super excited about the new Disney movie, Monsters University, so when I had the opportunity to take one of them to a prescreening, we jumped at the opportunity!

Monsters University is the prequel to the ever-popular Disney movie, Monsters, Inc. Unlike a sequel, a prequel focuses on events prior to a previous work. Monsters University takes you back in time, to when Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan, AKA “Sulley”, the two main characters met in college, rather than life after Monsters, Inc. I absolutely love this creative twist!

There were many parts of the movie that took me by surprise. I expected Mike and Sulley to be buddy buddy from the moment they met, but that was not the case. I also liked that it had many subtle lessons such as telling the truth, that we may all be different, but that we’re all special in our own way, and the importance of teamwork. I really loved each of the principals covered!

So many times movies based on a prior work do not meet viewer expectations. This was neither mine, nor my daughter’s experience with Monsters University. We both loved it MORE than Monsters Inc.!

Monsters University has incredible graphics, great characters, and a wonderful music score, just as you would expect with any Disney • Pixar film. The movie is rated G, and is shown in 3D. I personally loved the film being in 3D, but could see how a young child, perhaps under the age of 3 or 4, may not be as accepting to wear the 3D glasses.

Disney is holding a Monstrous Summer Celebration, including fun online games and a Sweepstakes, with the chance to win a vacation for 4 at the Disney Park of your choice! Details and entry at this LINK.

We really enjoyed the movie, and since I only took one child to the prescreening, we’re planning on going to see the movie with the whole family this summer. You can find more information about Monsters University, AKA “Monsters U“, at the official Disney website, HERE. Monsters University opens in theaters on June 21. Perhaps we’ll see you there!


As stated above, we were invited to a prescreening of Monsters University. We received complimentary entry to the movie. We believe many of our readers are interested in knowing more about the new film, and our opinions are own. Thank you, Walt Disney Pictures, for inviting us to preview the movie!
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Have A Ball This Summer With KIDS BOWL FREE!

bowling_shoesOur kids LOVE bowling, and we plan to have a ball this summer with the Kids Bowl Free program! We went to our local bowling center a couple of weeks ago and saw a postcard reminding us about the program. We signed up for it last year, and thought it was great! We’re excited that we’ve recently collaborated with the Kids Bowl Free program to share details on how it works. As compensation, we’ve received a Family Pass, and will share how you can purchase one of your own.


How It Works
Signing up for the Kids Bowl Free program is easy! Head over to, and click on the area of the map where you want to register your child(ren) for the program. A list of bowling centers will pop up. Click the bowling center of your choice. (There are a ton participating in Southern California!) The location you choose for the Kids Bowl Free program will then have a registration form for you to fill out for your child(ren). A list of dates and times available for the program should appear on the right side of the page as well. Fill out the registration, and you’ll start receiving e-mails on Sunday mornings once the program starts. The weekly coupons are good for two free games per day for your kids all summer long. Print the weekly Kids Bowl Free coupons and take them to the bowling center you chose at registration. It’s a great deal, and a good way to get the kids out and doing something active!

The Family Pass
kids_bowl_freeWant to bowl with your kids or grandchildren? If so, the Family Pass is a great way to get each of you having a ball! The Family Pass pricing begins at $24.95, and includes 2 games per person listed on the pass each day! You may include up to 4 adults on the Family Pass. The Family Pass may be purchased online at the time you register your kids for the Kids Bowl Free program, or at any time during the length of the program.

bowlingMore Program Details
• Kids age 15 & under may participate.
• Standard shoe rental rates apply. Contact the alley of your choice for pricing.
• You must register each session in which you participate. If you signed up last year, you must register again this year to receive your free weekly coupons.
• You may sign up at more than one bowling alley, but you’ll need to use a different e-mail address for each location.
• You may sign up as many as 6 kids in your household. If you have more than 6 kids age 15 or under, you may register them by signing up with a second e-mail address, as stated in the info above.
• Each bowling alley determines when the program starts and ends at their establishment, as well as the times available to participate in the program. Some start and end earlier than others, and some have more hours available for participating.

We’ve registered our kids for the program, and signed up for our Family Pass as well. The kids are already asking to go to our local bowling center to make use of their coupons! Perhaps we’ll see you there!


We received a Family Pass from the Kids Bowl Free program for sharing information about the program with our readers. We believe many of our followers would enjoy the program, and our opinions are our own.

BRAVE Review ~ A Great Disney•Pixar Summer Film!


Image courtesy of Disney.

Last night I had the opportunity to take our daughter to a special advance screening of the new Disney•Pixar movie “BRAVE”. Of course, our daughter was incredibly excited to see the film, and especially excited to see the fiery red headed lead character, Merida, on the big screen!

Just as you’d expect with any Disney•Pixar movie, there’s great action, incredible graphics and animation, as well as a great story line. It made me laugh, cry, and had some great lessons. What you don’t expect is what makes this movie fabulous.

I don’t want to blow the film prior to you seeing it, but here’s the gist of the flick. “BRAVE” is about a princess (Merida), but she’s no ordinary princess. In fact, Merida is anything like an ordinary princess. She’s a strong willed, defiant teenager with untamed, crazy (but beautiful), red hair and a love of archery. She climbs rocks, is rebellious, and has no desire to have a love interest. Very refreshing! Aside from Merida, there were a bunch of other memorable characters including Angus, Merida’s horse, a handful of Scottish brutes, and Merida’s three young, mischievous triplet brothers.

The root of story is that of a struggle between Merida and her mother regarding age-old customs. In an attempt to change her fate, Merida seeks the help of a witch, who grants her an ill-fated wish which causes chaos amongst the land. Merida must use all her resources, and her own bravery to undo the curse, and save her mother.

There were a few short, scary scenes in the film. Our daughter didn’t seem to be affected by them at all, but our almost 5 year old son may have been a bit frightened for a few moments. The scary parts were minimal, and comparable to many in previously released Disney® films.

All in all, we loved “BRAVE”. The film has some great lessons, and is by no means a film just for girls or children for that matter. The screening we attended was mainly filled with adults, all of whom seemed to have been equally immersed in the movie.

“BRAVE” opens on June 22, 2012, in Disney Digital 3D™ in select theaters. I’m sure we’ll take our son to see it in the theater as well, as he’s been equally excited for its release. Perhaps we’ll see you there!


Disclosure: We were invited by the Disney® Studios to attend an advanced screening of “BRAVE”. We were not compensated by any other means, and our opinions are our own. Many thanks to Walt Disney Studios Publicity for the opportunity to view the film!

Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program

The Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program is a great way to keep kids up on their reading while they’re out of school for the summer. You can either download an Imagination’s Destination Reading Journal from the Barnes & Noble website, or pick one up at a participating Barnes & Noble store.

After reading and logging 8 books, kids earn 1 free book from the featured list on the back of the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Imagination’s Destination Journal. It’s super easy to participate, and the free book is a fun incentive for kids to read. Our daughter participated, and picked out a fun book on dolphins. She’s excited to get started reading an additional 8 books, and earn another fun read.

The Imagination’s Destination program runs through September 6th, 2011. Click HERE for more info about this great Summer Reading Program. Perhaps we’ll see you there!